Our Services


Our portfolio encompasses Theme Park Special Effects including, Disney and Universal Studios, Large Theatre Productions like The House of Dancing Water, (COD Macau). The largest public foam party in the World and 75ft high wall of water appearing from nowhere coupled with high power Video, slide, lighting and laser projections.

Water and Liquid Special Effects

Covering a wide variety of effects, the heading “liquid” encompasses such things as simulated rain for movies and theme park attractions, waterfalls, geysers and steam vents. We also install underwater air cannons to blast gallons of water 90 feet into the air as well as high-pressure pump systems to create real mist and fog effects.

Fire Effects & Fake Flame Effects

Our notoriety in special effects stems from our work with fire and flames as we excel in providing spectacular and safe systems that continue to wow audiences around the World.

Cryogenic and Fog Special Effects

Cryogenics, the science of the very cold, has found its way into the entertainment field. In fact itis an integral part of the special effects industry.

Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

If you’re thinking of a pyrotechnic special effect, be it a tiny test tube explosion, multiple bombing runs, explosion sequences continuing into controlled burning environments, squib hits, body burn special effects or vehicle crash and burn sequences, we’d like to help.


Witness the mesmerizing dance of water flames! Our innovative technology brings the ambiance of fire, with flickering flames fueled entirely by water. Safe for all ages, Water Flame elevates the atmosphere of any venue.